Upcoming Shows

Saturday, July 13, 2024
Private Event

Saturday, November 30, 2024
St-John Cultural Center, Bromont


As Matthew Bellamy

Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards


As Dominic Howard

Drums, vocals


As Chris Wolstenholme

Bass guitars, vocals

An Electrifying Tribute

UPRISING is proud to present an authentic and vibrant tribute to the monster of a rock band that is MUSE; a versatile power trio, a larger than life, synchronized light show, and all the bells and whistles come to life together to deliver the full experience. Prepare to be amazed!

More Than 150 Shows

UPRISING has played more than 150 shows in Canada, in a variety of venues and festivals, including the Montreal F1 Grand Prix, Été Show Rock in Rivière-du-Loup, Woodstock en Beauce, the Saguenay Beer Festival, the Ontario Voodoo Rockfest, and many more...

All the Hits, All the Albums

Madness, Uprising, Starlight, Compliance, Pressure, Supermassive Black Hole, Mercy, Won't Stand Down, Resistance, Hysteria, Time Is Running Out, Knights of Cydonia, Will of the People, Psycho, Plug In Baby, and many more!

Your Custom Experience

A public venue, a festival, or a private event, take your pick; the band is well prepared and ready to rock at all times, with an unparalleled level of professionalism and adapability.

Leave It to the Pros

Warner Music Says So

UPRISING is THE ONLY tribute to MUSE recognized by Warner Music Canada, performing at the official MUSE after-shows at the Bell Centre, with albums and prizes offered by MUSE's record label.

Authentic Power Trio

The band's three versatile musicians fill in all of their roles to perfection: the powerful, soaring vocals, the interstellar keyboards, the electronic beats, the bass grooves, the ultrasonic guitar tones, it's all there!

Amazing Light Show

UPRISING offers a professional light show, perfectly synchronized to the music, providing the ultimate sensory experience.

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